A Romantic & Nostalgic Tour in our Historic Carriage

 Sit back and listen to the clatter of hooves down the cobbled streets as our historic carriage pulls you through the streets of Karvina. Our nostalgic carriage ride through the historic center of the city will take you back centuries as you take in the beautiful baroque architecture.


Prices for individual orders will  depend on location, time and length of service. During the season carriage runs according to a predetermined calendar in July and August every Friday and Saturday!


The main station is at the Masaryk square near the castle ( Zamecek Frystat Karvina ).

Contact Mr. Broda (driver): +420 731 185 650

Tourist information and promotional materials: City Information Center in Karviná (Masaryk Square 71, 733 01, Karviná-Fryštát)