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There are different types of horses in our stables. We provide the possibility of a ride in a historic carriage. We have been providing hippotherapy for many years. Our ranch, Dvůr Olšiny, also offers extra large box stables to rent with facilities for horse owners.


For more information you can contact us at the phone number +420 605 149 409.

Our services

Carriage Ride   

We offer rides in a historic carriage pulled by two horses. You can choose from a carriage ride through the historic center of Karviná according to a predetermined calendar (July, August) for a discounted price, or an individual carriage ride which has to be reserved in advance on phone number +420 605 149 409.

Not only romantics will appreciate a carriage ride pulled by beautiful horses. Sit back and listen to the clapping hooves. A nostalgic ride will take you to the good old days ...

We wish you a magical experience!


When riding a horse, we experience freedom.

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